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#guccibag #raptors

Please write your answer below.
#guccibag #raptors
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Gucci for sure. Gucci can't lose, raptors can.

How about a car lol Or co-host on your show


Raptors all the way

Let’s Go Raptors

Changing your job my Dear!

Leafs tickets for tomorrow lol

Neither for one absolute reason Can Not Afford Either One.

Gucci Gucci Gucci

Gucci Gang😃

Rap tix



Gucci Bag for the missus 😊

Raps for sure!

Raptors Tickets!! 😄

Playoff tickets!


Ans b






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@haltonregionalpolice awareness campaign.
This is important folk, please pass it along.
@am640 @gregcarrasco Show. Tune in on Saturday mornings, 8-11am.
@yorkregionalpolice @torontopolice @opp_hire @ontarioprovincialpolice
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This is an awareness campaign. Pulling over when an emergency vehicle is coming is known by most people. However, when a police car is on the shoulder, with their lights on pulling someone over, you are supposed to move to the further lane (if it is safe) the same thing applies if you see a tow truck doing the same. Most people don't know this.

I saw some asshole this morning who took about 2 whole minutes to pull to the side for an ambulance. Every minute counts! Thanks Greg Carrasco for getting the message out!

So no fine, but a warning instead? That’s fair.

Working for the CAA doing roadside assistance I know how terrifying it can be when I am hooking up a car to my wrecker, with all my beacons on, and cars are flying by me at 120 KMH only inches away.

Read the HTA law. It says IF it can be done safetly.. also research excuses that have worked. The ticket guys who will represent you in court might have some clues 2.

So he had his lights on meaning it was an emergency situation but was happy to abandon said emergency to do an HTA enforcement? I see.....

If you got your license out of a Cracker Jack box you should know better!

Please move over and give me some breathing space.

You just informed your insurance company of your violation...lol!

Fuck them pricks

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Hi Greg, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the impressive sales meeting this week. I always try to get key clients to join our team to share their successes and of all the meetings we’ve had, I place yours at the top of the list. It’s easy to see why you have achieved grea t s uccess in your dealership. The feedback from our team was very positive so perhaps you can return another time? We are currently developing an idea for a client seminar that would be hosted by some key direct retailers like yourself and the likes of Mark Mendelssohn from Bay Bloor Radio in a panel format. Is this something you may be interested in? It’s very preliminary right now so perhaps you and I can chat about it the meetings intent and goals?

Victor Giacomelli

Director of Sales, Corus Radio Toronto

Year after year I have sat through motivational speakers, psychologists, sales trainers and life coaches. Not once have I experienced as much positive feedback as I did following your session with our sales staff. You were the most brilliant, motivating, approachable, captivating speaker we have had by miles. Some of the comments I received following your visit were, “I fee l like I’ve had my reset button pushed”, “wow, if I had only heard Greg a year ago I would have closed those 3 deals”, “that was the most interesting, motivating guest speaker I have ever hear. He made complete sense and he’s so incredibly down to earth!” Thank you Greg, for inspiring our sales teams, inspiring our management, inspiring me and for sharing your experience, knowledge and wealth of solid advice. Mark Twain said,” Really great people make you believe that you, too, can be great.” You have inspired that in all who were privy to your visit. I sincerely hope you will consider speaking to Corus employees again very soon. We see you as part of our family and all families need great role models.

Renée Roth

General Sales Manager, Corus Radio Toronto

Hey Greg, Thanks for coming in today, I learned a lot about the car dealer category; there were several “ah ha” moments for me. Although I really enjoyed your presentation what I really want to know is, where do you get your socks? I took notice and loved them! Please let me know. Cheers.

Jay Kearney

Account Manager, Corus Radio Toronto


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